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Out of the Box Studio is a place where actors can get private coaching, do self tape auditions, get demo reels edited, and learn about the craft and business of acting.

With over 15 years of acting and industry related experience, find out why OOTBS is the best place to work and tape your auditions bar none.

**NEWS** OOTBS just upgraded the entire studio with new gear!! New camera, new lights, new camera monitor... Tapes have NEVER looked better!!!!


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PJ LAZIC - Founder OOTBS- photo by Megan Vincent Photography

Out of the Box Studio- Lets Play

Established in 2011, OOTBS has quickly developed an international reputation for producing the highest quality self tapes in the industry. It's no wonder that OOTBS was asked to lead a panel on self tapes and self promotion at the ACTRA winter conference in February of 2012, where we screened "Build or Bust" a short film on the topic of "self taping" that OOTBS produced specifically for the ACTRA conference. Since then, our tapes have put actors on set and stage, and continue to impress big wig decision makers (directors/producers/agents/managers/casting directors/moms) from around the world, allowing OOTBS to be able to boast a high booking/ call back/ feedback ratio for our clients. Our actors work!

What makes our tapes so awesome?

With close attention to detail, we've taken the art of the self tape audition to a new level with a no BS, no gimmick, no boredom approach to putting your best work in front of our cameras. TADA!!! It's all about allowing the performers specific artistic choices to shine in the particular scene, and nothing else. YAAAAAY!!!

At OOTBS, we understand the needs of busy working actors and offer Toronto's only fully comprehensive "on call" studio that includes, a reader, coaching/direction, shooting, editing, and e pitch, for one low price. If you need it done, and need it done right, and let's face it, everyone needs it done yesterday, push the "book" button and lets "book" something.

-As actors, we work hard to ensure every performer is prepared to go in front of the camera and dish out their best, no matter the skill level, age, race, astrological sign, or sexual preference.

-As filmmakers we ensure that your best is captured with professional audio and video equipment and edited to compliment the piece, even if the piece itself is a piece of crap (this rarely happens) you'll still be amazing and probably get the part..

-As directors we may tickle your funny bone and ask you to vomit, and love it, even though you may hate it.

THAT is why OOTBS has become so highly regarded by talent agents and managers from across Canada and the US!


PJ has been a working actor for over 15 years. With numerous film and tv credits to his name, as well as stage credits, PJ has worked and trained with some of the world's most renown actors and coaches. PJ has been credited alongside international stars such as: Kevin Spacey, Sarah Polley, Mark Wahlberg, Rob Lowe, Marcia Gay Harden, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, John Rhys-Davies, Jon Lovitz, Kelly Preston, Dave Foley, Michael Ironside, Colin Mochrie, William B Davis, and others. Notable Coaches: David Rotenberg (Pro Actors Lab, Toronto), John Boylan (Centre for the Arts, Toronto), Earl Nanhu (EVN Studio, Toronto), Lewis Baumander (Baumander Studio, Toronto), Michelle Danner (Larry Moss Studio, LA).

PJ has spent many years learning the craft and business of acting. Along the way, he has given back by mentoring numerous young performers, creating platforms for artists to grow and prosper, and instilling confidence and a sense of greater self worth in his friends and peers. Out of the Box Studio is an extension of PJ's passion for creativity.

"Becoming a successful actor requires an abundance of creativity and persistence.
There is no easy way. This craft requires you to be a rock hard, fearless person who can access their most sensitive side, in the moment, at the drop of a dime, with the precision of a surgeon... Becoming this person is the goal and challenge."

PJ continues to push the creative boundaries in a perpetual battle versus the status quo.

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