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Out of the Box Studio is a place where actors can get private coaching, do self tape auditions, get demo reels edited, and learn about the craft and business of acting.

With over 15 years of acting and industry related experience, find out why OOTBS is the best place to work and tape your auditions bar none.

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Monologue from "USSR" by Hannah Moscovitch- Performed by Helen Johns

I have this idea that a monologue can show sides of an actor that you don't always see in a two hander scene. So, Helen and I got together for a couple hours on a Saturday and shot a monologue. With a monologue you can shoot it straight up, or make it as abstract as you want. The best part about it is that it's ALL YOU. You and your vibe is the only thing that comes across. A steady dose of character. She liked the idea of if being simple, and quiet, so we lit a few candles in one of our studio rooms, blacked out the window, and shot the monologue from two simple angles. It's challenging to edit one person talking from only two angles and very little movement in the scene for 5 minutes. This is where you need a good actor and a good story and I can honestly say that Helen is captivating, and the monologue is an excellent piece of writing by Hannah Moscovitch, taken from her play "USSR". We added some great old Russian film music and It really moves me...

**We'd like to thank Hannah for graciously allowing us to use her material for this exercise!