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Out of the Box Studio is a place where actors can get private coaching, do self tape auditions, get demo reels edited, and learn about the craft and business of acting.

With over 15 years of acting and industry related experience, find out why OOTBS is the best place to work and tape your auditions bar none.

**NEWS** OOTBS just upgraded the entire studio with new gear!! New camera, new lights, new camera monitor... Tapes have NEVER looked better!!!!


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BSD 20/20 - Test #1

Top agents and casting directors are getting hip to the benefits of the BSD 20/20!!!

The BSD 20/20 is a device created by NASA to monitor the level of "truth" a subject is putting forth. It has been used by several major motion pictures already, in delivering their cast, and creating performances that are virtually "fault free".

It's hard to believe a device like this ACTUALLY exists, but it does, and those who are in the know, are in the SHOW...

See for your self... :)